Session Topics

Sep 1, 2018: Laying the Foundation Setting Your Goals for High School
Oct 6, 2018: Living with Authority Getting Along with Parents and Teachers
Nov 3, 2018: Facing Challenges Overcoming Obstacles that Arise in High School
Dec 1, 2018: Sharpening Study Skills Concentration, Memorization and Acing Exams
Jan 5, 2019: Becoming a Man Responsibility and Dependability
Feb 2, 2019: Dealing With Women Dating, Courting and Communicating as Men
Mar 2, 2019: Fortitude Never Quitting
Apr 6, 2019: Friendship Facebook, Social Media & You
May 4, 2019: Preparing for the Summer, Next Year and the Rest of Your Life

Speaker: Mike Flynn
Directors: Luis Rodriguez & Mark Grobaker