Big Ideas Seminar

High school matters. During these years, you will make decisions that affect your future life. The Capstone Big Ideas Seminar helps you to be aware of these decisions and to begin making them responsibly.

Freshmen & sophomores need to establish the right priorities early in high school. Each topic is examined first in a short talk and then studied interactively in a “break out” session.

Session Topics

Sep 2, 2017: Aiming High for College
The College Application Process

Oct 7, 2017: Study for Success
Academic Achievement

Nov 4, 2017: Success Outside the Classroom
Extracurricular Activities

Dec 2, 2017: Career Considerations
An Initial Look at Your Strengths and Interests

Jan 6, 2018: You Are What You Read
Becoming a Lifelong Reader

Feb 3, 2018: Holding Down a Job
Finding Summer Employment

Mar 3, 2018: Living Responsibly
Character and Maturity

Apr 7, 2018: Thinking Outside Yourself
Becoming a Man of Service

May 5, 2018: Am I a Leader?
Leading Others in High School

Directors: Luis Rodriguez & Mark Grobaker