matt-hWhat is the goal of Capstone?

To help young men in high school prepare themselves to take on responsibility. The more ready they are, the more responsible they will become, and the more exciting their lives will be. The underlying idea is that what matters in life is not material possessions, athletic ability, good looks, intellectual ability, etc. What matters is character. Character allows men to take on responsibility and makes them great. Character endures after these other things are long gone.

Why the name Capstone?

Learning responsibility is an integral part of developing character and this character development requires a personal struggle. The seminar encourages and coaches the students to want to become responsible men of character. We expect this program to provide a crowning achievement, much like a capstone is placed onto the top of a solid wall for protection. Our hope is that the participants become great men of character.

What is the cost of the program?

There is a one time fee of $300 to attend all the sessions. However, if a high school boy wants to attend and the family finds it difficult to pay the full amount, the program directors are happy to discuss payment options, and scholarships are available

What is the format of the program?

The structure of each session will be a lecture with discussion, followed by an interactive activity that fosters analytical thinking, teamwork and public speaking. Each participant is expected to bring the notebook that he will receive at the first session he attends. The notebook has valuable information to help him get the most out of the program.

What does the seminar offer?

The seminar… highlights the important decisions made during high school and how these help shape one’s future strength of character; teaches students to study proactively and learn by posing and answering questions, and not merely by absorbing information; uses historical figures to show that a successful life has its roots in one’s adolescent years; reviews in detail a college application to point out what is expected of the students during the next three to four years in preparation for college; discusses current social trends that could affect the students’ future world; offers assistance in finding interesting summer job experiences, volunteer opportunities, research projects, etc.; stresses the importance of communication skills through frequent roundtable debates.

What does the mentoring involve?

The mentor guides the individual student in finding practical applications of the principles taught in the classes. He is like a coach who teaches, challenges and encourages each student to reach his best. Specifically, he helps the student set important and practical goals. In an ongoing way, he helps the student track his progress toward these goals. For the sake of continuity the mentor will try to maintain contact with the student between the sessions and after the program.

Can a student sign up for the course even though he cannot attend every session?

Yes, but we strongly encourage attendance to every session. Hence, we do not pro-rate the fee.

Isn’t it too early for freshmen or sophomores to worry about things like college and career?

No. The seminar is not meant to create stress about getting into the “best” college or having the “best” job. But high school students should be looking ahead to see where they are going in life so that they can begin now to develop the skills and attitudes needed for the great tasks of their lives: forming a family, serving society through their work, developing friendships with colleagues, neighbors and (most of all) God. Between the ages of 14 and 19, habits are formed, friends are made and ideas are internalized.

Should students let their friends know about Capstone?

Yes. When friends attend the program together, they establish a means of reinforcement that extends beyond the classroom. If students, parents and friends would like a brief overview of the program, please call the Capstone directors at 412-683-8448 ext. 555 (voice mail) or email them at, to learn more.

Why does Warwick House entrust the Christian orientation of its activities to Opus Dei?

The activities at Warwick House are all based on a Christian view of life that recognizes the dignity of the human person, the inherent goodness of the created world, the value of human work and the God-given moral law. In both the professional activities such as Capstone and the spiritual activities like retreats, recollections and doctrine classes, Opus Dei ensures that a true Christian spirit is present. Opus Dei is an institution of the Catholic Church whose mission is to help people find God in and through the circumstances of their ordinary life.

For more information, contact the Capstone directors at 412-683-8448 ext. 555 (voice mail) or email them at