Professional Seminar

High school is the time to begin thinking about career interests. Your interests will affect the college and the major you choose. The Capstone Professional Seminar helps you to learn valuable lessons from experienced and successful men.

High School is also the time to develop the habits of effective speaking and critical thinking that are essential for success in college and the workplace.

Session Speakers

Sep 2, 2017: Internal Medicine
Dennis Stull, M.D., UPMC

Oct 7, 2017: The Mystery of Poetry
Sam Hazo, Author

Nov 4, 2017: The Technogy of Putting a Lid on It
Paolo Ghigo, Tecnocap

Dec 2, 2017: Helping to Run a Country
Keith Rothfus, US Representative, R-PA 12th Dist.

Jan 6, 2018: Digging Deep While Caring for Earth
Brian Tittmann, Am. Geotechnical & Envir. Serv.

Feb 3, 2018: Balancing a Corporation’s Books
Luke Purazo, Univ. of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Mar 3, 2018: Investing in Your Future
Patrick O’Reilly, Federated Investors

Apr 7, 2018: Applying Justice in the Air Force
Greg Baxley, Lt. Col., 655 ISRG/JA

May 5, 2018: Begin with a Plan
Bill Hawk, JENDOCO Construction Corp.

Directors: Tim Barry & Mark Smith