Club Incline is a Father & Son club for boys in grades 2 – 5 and their dads. It reinforces parents’ efforts to cultivate virtue and a spirit of service in their sons, helping them develop leadership skills from the very beginning. 

The club encourages fathers to be actively involved in their sons’ lives, developing a friendship that will last a lifetime. Each session will include fun activities and a short talk on learning good habits. Fathers will also have a chance to share experiences with each other about raising children well.


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Why Club Incline?


  • The young boys develop basic moral virtues (fortitude, temperance, etc.) through simple talks and fun activities with each other and with their fathers.
  • Talks for the fathers show them the importance of developing virtues and strong characters in their sons and give them practical advice on how to do this.
  • Fathers have an opportunity to spend meaningful time with their sons.

What Happens at the Club Meetings?

  • 45-minute creative activity for the boys like skits, magic tricks or charades.
  • 50-minute physical activity for boys with the fathers: sports, or something like repairing bicycle flats, splitting logs or building model rockets.
  • 15-minute talk for the boys on some aspect of the character; the fathers also attend.
  • Concluding snack for the fathers and sons to mingle.
  • A priest is available for Confession at any time.

Who Can Attend?

Fathers and their 2th – 5th-grade sons. Fathers are expected to attend the monthly meetings with their sons.

The Bridge is a similar, but separate program for older boys that will be occurring at the same time. Fathers are welcome to bring their sons to that program as well.

Program Fee

The September session is free. Sessions from October-May are $10 for each boy in attendance. Alternatively, families may prepay $75 for the entire program (plus $50 for each additional son). Scholarships are available upon request. 

Payments can be made online by credit card (, or by check made payable to Warwick House and sent to 5090 Warwick Terrace, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

2018/2019 Meeting Dates and Times

The club meets on the first Saturday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm, on the following dates:

  • Sat 9/1
  • Sat 10/6
  • Sat 11/3
  • Sat 12/1
  • Sat 1/5
  • Sat 2/2
  • Sat 3/2
  • Sat 4/6
  • Sat 5/4


Club meetings will take place at Warwick House, 5090 Warwick Ter, Pittsburgh PA 15213.