Father & Son Club

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Each month, a group of boys and their dads meet at Warwick House.

Upcoming meetings (posted on ourĀ calendar)

Currently, the group is building and flying their very own UAS [Unmanned Aircraft Systems] multicopters.

Aerobots Club photo of Warwick House

The father-and-son club is open to boys from grades 5 through 8 with their father.

The program give each dad a chance to work with his son so that the two can spend time together.

In each session, a talk on a christian virtue is given to the sons and dads. Some topics include: charity within the family; behaving well at home and school (and at work, for the dads); and learning valuable lessons from others.

There is no fee to be a part of the club. However, if a father and son team build a multicopter, then an amount specific to the airship will be assessed.

We encourage you to contact us and make plans to attend the next meeting.

If you would like to know more about this program, please get in contact with the Program Director, Tim Barry, by using theĀ contact form or by phone at 412-683-8448 x301.